We provide a variety of services, from design and validation to machinery service and support

Machinery Services

For a number of years we have supplied tooling designs and provided support to a number of customers using Waterbury-Farrel Hi-Pro cold headers for swaging bullets, while this will remain a central part of our business, in the last year demand has increased greatly for tooling and designs for forming shell casings, we are currently working to provide tooling and designs for a variety of transfer presses.

We also provide complete service, support, and training for Ammoload, Camdex, and Scharch.

Ammunition Design & Validation

  • Terminal Ballistics:
    1. FBI-Standard Testing Static Gellatin (per cartridge)
    2. FBI-Standard Testing Static Gelatin w/High Speed Video (per cartridge)
  • Internal Ballistics:
    1. Pressure and Velocity Testing (per cartridge)
    2. Accuracy Testing

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